About Us

Lawrenceburg Candy Cottage

About Us

Welcome to Lawrenceburg Candy Cottage, where sweet dreams come to life! Established in November 2017, our story began in a humble Mother-in-Law Suite, where Rhonda Brown, inspired by cherished memories and a passion for confectionery delights, embarked on a heartfelt journey.

Following the loss of her mother, Rhonda and her family transformed their home into the Lawrenceburg Candy Cottage, crafting delectable fudge and peanut brittle for the holiday season. What started as a small venture soon blossomed into a beloved local treasure, gaining recognition through festivals, school events, and the prestigious Kentucky State Fair.

Driven by the overwhelming love for their treats, demand soared, leading to partnerships with nine stores and three esteemed distilleries. As our reputation flourished, the longing for a dedicated storefront echoed among our loyal patrons. In August of 2022, our dream materialized as we acquired 506 West Broadway, transforming it into the enchanting haven we proudly call home.

On December 3rd, 2022, we joyously inaugurated our storefront, inviting our cherished community to celebrate alongside us. Nestled within these walls, a symphony of flavors awaits – from classic fudge varieties to tantalizing snowballs and buckeyes, each crafted with care and boundless enthusiasm.

Lawrenceburg Candy Cottage isn’t just a confectionery; it’s a testament to the power of love, family, and the sweet moments that unite us all. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we continue to spread sweetness one treat at a time. Welcome to our sweet sanctuary at 506 West Broadway – where every visit is a celebration!

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